About Us

We saw an opportunity for a high quality and customer-oriented coach hire service to be established in this area. We saw the competition, of course, but we simply felt that none of them were providing consumers with the kind of classy and cost-effective services we would want from a similar company. We took it upon ourselves to create a company that could give the consumers what they were looking for and make a positive impact on the economy of the area.

At the same time, we knew we would be making travel more convenient for all kinds of people. Seniors, those with disabilities, people who travel in large groups and those with tight budgets didn’t have a lot of good travel options. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to provide that for them the best way we knew how.

We established our coach hire service as a cost-effective and sophisticated alternative to what was already available. We were counting on the reputation we were working to build to carry us to success, and so far it has. Our customers love the selection of transport we have available as well as the wide variety of events we provide service for. They appreciate how our team goes the extra mile to memorize travel routes and make sure everything is perfect for whatever event they need to hire us for.

Onsite, we have a machine and a testing track to ensure that all vehicles are maintained and that they meet the highest industry standards. All vehicles are serviced on our lot to ensure quality control. Vehicles are regularly tested and serviced to keep them in perfect working condition and to give our customers the smoothest possible ride.

We are continuing to invest in our fleet, to ensure that we meet the high standards that our customers expect from us and to make certain that we are on the cutting edge of coach hire. With us, you will find the latest and greatest innovations in coach hire. If it’s making waves in the industry, we are already looking into it and considering it for our fleet. Our team wants to make our customers happy and ensure that they have the most up-to-date additions to hired buses that are available today. We are always upgrading our vehicles and giving them new features that we think our customers will love.

We are a team of dedicated and hardworking individuals who are working together to create the best coach hire service we can.  Today, our brand represents luxurious coach travel and a wide selection of options for our customers. We have built a reputation as a company that caters to consumers and offers them exactly what they want out of a coach hire service. Leather seats, sleek exteriors, experienced drivers and friendly and professional service make us the leading coach hire service in the area.