Chester le Street Coach Hire Services

Those living in Chester-Le-Street or in the greater county Durham can enjoy convenient coach hire with Go by Coach. Our services offer the best transport method for groups, enabling groups of up to 70 people to travel in the same coach.

About Our Coaches

Every one of our fleet vehicles is designed to be spacious enough to provide comfortable seating instead of the cramped quarters of other coaches. With comfortable seats, plenty of storage space, interior climate control and more great features, we ensure that you have an enjoyable trip.

Each one of our coaches is driven by experienced and friendly individuals. These are people we have carefully chosen for their skill and their familiarity with the roads. They can make course corrections to ensure the shortest travel time and provide commentary for tours. We think you will love being driven by our professional team.


About Our Hire Services

No matter where you are in Chester-Le-Street, we can come to your location and transport you where you need to go. Our services are meant to be convenient for you, so we won’t ask you to come to a specific pickup location to take advantage of our coach hire Chester-Le-Street services. We can provide pickup throughout the area and surrounding Durham county.

We provide the widest available range of coach hire services for the area. No matter what you need group transport for, you can rely on Go by Coach to be there for you and to meet your needs.

Weddings- One of the our most requested hire services is for weddings. Our clients ask us to transport the wedding party or the wedding guests to the event and ensure that everyone reaches on time. They want all the guests to be comfortable and to be able to enjoy their day without a lot of stress.

Caproate Events- Whether you are planning a corporate retreat, holding a business meeting or just needing some business associates transported around the city, we are there for you. Our coach hire Chester-Le-Street services allow you to schedule transport for when you need it for as many people as you require. Our stylish and modern vehicles will represent your business well, and the comfortable and spacious interiors will ensure that your guests, employees or colleagues are well taken care of as they are transported to their destinations.

Parties and Special Events- No matter what event you are planning, it always benefits your guests to have transport available for them. They may not all want to ride in one of our buses, but group transport is the best way to get as many guests as possible to your event on time. Whether you are celebrating a birthday anniversary, prom or other special event, we can ensure that your guests reach safely and on time. We can also serve as the designated drivers and provide drop-off service for them after the event is over.

Day Trips- No matter where you would like to go, we can take you there. Our coach hire Chester-Le-Street services allow you to plan day trips to anywhere in the UK or even on the continent. We have taken many clients on exciting day trips that have allowed them to see and explore places they never would have been able to otherwise, especially not at such an affordable rate. Travelling by coach as a group on a day trip is the most economical way to travel, and we make sure the journey is an enjoyable one.

Come Travel with Us

We look forward to transporting you to wherever you need to go. Come see us to plan out your day trips, to receive a tour of Chester-Le-Street and the surrounding areas or to ensure that important people are picked up on time and taken where they need to go. We can make every event more convenient for you and ensure there is less stress and hassle in your life by taking care of all your transportation needs for everyone in your group. Count on us to be there when you need us and to provide exemplary services every time.

For coach hire in Chester-Le-Street, you cannot go wrong with Go by Coach. We are the region’s number one coach service for a reason, and you’ll see why once you give us a try. Contact us today to find out more about what we have to offer and to schedule hire services for your next trip.