Travel South Shields in Style

You don’t have to ride in your personal vehicle to enjoy comfort and to enjoy the ride. By taking one of our hired coaches, you can experience a level of comfort you might not have thought possible in a bus. It’s certainly a far cry from the public transport buses you may be used to. Our coaches are state of the art in every way- from the soft seats to the onboard plumbing right down to the climate control. You never have to be uncomfortable or feel like you want to be anywhere else. Many of our coach hire South Shields clients are repeat passengers who enjoy the transport experience we provide and who want to use them as often as possible.

It’s as close to a luxury ride as you can get at an affordable price, and our transport service is available all throughout South Shields. We can pick you up at any location, even outside of South Shields, and transport you to the airport, your hotel, your home, some sightseeing hotspots or even on a day trip around the country. The destination, the pickup location and the length of travel are all up to you. We like to give our clients lots of options, so you will never run out of opportunities to make use of our service.


Transport for Every Occasion

We’re not just a coach hire South Shields company that residents use for day trips or bus tours. We’re also hired by business owners who want to transport important clients around or who need their employees delivered to their hotel or airport on time. We’re also available for schools and sports teams who need group transport, even within the city. It makes sense to hire a large transport company like ourselves for South Shields transport of small groups. That’s because you can save money over renting a few smaller vehicles from someone else or even save money from taking public transport or using your own car.

Plus, it’s very convenient to take your entire group in one of our buses. We offer them in a variety of sizes, from the humble 16-seater to the mighty 70-seater. There’s no size of group that Go by Coach cannot cater to.

Whether you are taking your wedding party to the big event or transporting your sports team to their big game, you can rely on us to be punctual, to offer peerless customer service and to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We are South Shields’s number one coach hire company for a reason. The people here depend on us to take care of their transport needs, no matter what the occasion is.

Customized Coach Hire for South Shields

If you have never used our coach hire South Shields service before, you might have an idea in your head about hire companies like ourselves that isn’t factual. You may believe that we only take predetermined routes and that we stick to a tight schedule that limits your ability to enjoy yourself and make the trip your own. That’s not true at all, though. We differ from tour bus companies and from public transport in a few key ways, and the most important one is in our ability to cater to our customers’ needs.

If you have a special request you would like to make, then please do so. We will do everything our power and within reason to accommodate you. If you want to change up your itinerary partway down the road, then just let the driver know. The driver can probably make a course correction to account for your change of heart. Speaking of itineraries, you are able to submit one to us before your travel date to show us exactly where you would like us to go. You can even plan out the route yourself, if you want to be sure that you pass by certain landmarks or places of interest.

Otherwise, our drivers and customer service specialists will pick out the route and ensure that you reach your destination in a timely manner. They will find the best route and give you as much time as you need at each stop along the way. The route is yours to control, even if our people are driving the buses. You can make the coach hire South Shields trip your own, and we can ensure it is an amazing experience the whole way.