Tour Darlington with Us

If you are coming to Darlington for a visit and you want to take in some of the sights, then you should come see us for coach tours Darlington residents and visitors love. The people of Darlington count on us for a wide range of transportation services. We provide group transport for weddings, corporate events, parties, field trips and more. We also offer airport transfers and group tours, ensuring that all your transport needs are fulfilled through our company.

Our clients depend on us to provide the very best in local tours, and they keep coming back to us for tours because they’re quite happy with the service we’ve provided. They know that when they travel with us, they can enjoy comfortable seating, stylish coaches and professional drivers who listen to their needs and who transport them safely and efficiently.

Here are some of our more popular coach tours Darlington.


Train Tour

The market town of Darlington has a lot of railway history. It served as a major stop along the rail lines for decades, and there have been several landmarks and structures dedicated to this storied past. One of our most requested tours is one that visits each of the significant locations dedicated to the town’s rail history. It has to include Head of Steam, which is the town’s railway museum.  With restored railway buildings and some antique trains on display, it is the definitive train museum in the region. Also on this tour, we would have to visit the Brick Train. This sculpture was built to commemorate the town’s rich history and now doubles as a bat sanctuary.

Natural Beauty

Some of the highlights of quiet Darlington are the outdoor areas that offer pristine and serene experiences. We knew that when we started offering coach tours, Darlington visitors would want to see a lot of the parks, the nature reserve and other outdoor sights that were full of wildlife and greenery. Taking a tour from one natural Darlington location to the next is one of the most relaxing and fulfilling tours you’ll ever take, and it’s one of our most requested.

Time with the Kids

For those who have small children, there is plenty to do in Darlington as well. A few of the most visited spots in the town are built primarily for children. Families often take group trips with us to places like Under the Sea and the Dolphin Centre. These are the highlights, but there are some other great places to take your kids as well, including a number of parks. We can include it all on the tour for you and make the day unforgettable for you and your children.

The Tour You Want

When you book with Go by Coach, you get to choose the activities and stops that are included in our tours. While we do offer some pre-planned tours for smaller groups and individuals to be a part of, if you want to hire a coach for yourself and your group, then that’s not a problem. Many of our clients like to plan their own trips with us, and we accommodate them in any way that we can.

We will do whatever we need to in order to make your time with us great. That often means helping our clients plan out their trips, offering some suggestions and pointing out locations of interest that they might want to explore. We can even provide suggestions for places to eat or take a break during the tours. If you can give us an itinerary before the trip, then we can plan out the best routes and ensure that you have time for everything you want to do. Our friendly and professional drivers will keep the tour moving at the pace you want and ensure you get where you need to go on time.

Some of the stops on the tour may be time sensitive, and you want to be sure you reach when you are supposed to. Some of them may require reservations for specific times, and you need reliable drivers handling the trip to make certain you don’t miss those reservations. Our drivers are experienced and knowledgeable, and they know how to utilize the best routes and get you where you need to go on time every time.

Count on us for coach tour Darlington that will create lasting memories and wonderful experiences you will want to relive again and again. Contact us today to schedule the tour you want.