Some of the Best Day Trips to Newcastle

Newcastle is a great destination for a number of reasons. No matter where you are coming from, if you are in the area, and looking for some great day trip ideas, we have you covered. Coach hire from Go by Coach gets you where you want to go in style and luxury. To ensure you have the most enjoyable trip possible, we have picked out a few of the most notable day trips we think will interest our customers. Hopefully one of these will inspire you to schedule your own trip with us.

The Great North Museum: Hancock

We can sum up why you should see this museum in a couple words: life-size T-Rex. There’s not many other places you can see such a sight, but the museum has more to offer than that. People take day trips to Newcastle just to see this museum and its expansive collection of biological and archaeological wonders. The interactive technology exhibits are a fun time for the whole family, and best of all, the whole thing is free. While our hired coaches may be affordably priced, if you are on traveling on a budget, you want to save as much as you can, so a trip to the Great North Museum could help you stretch your money a bit further.

Odeon Metrocentre

For a one-of-a-kind movie viewing experience, you have to try the Metrocentre’s Imax theatre. It’s the first of its kind in the area, and it is accompanied by an expansive selection of concessions, including a Ben and Jerry’s. Ticket prices are reasonable for what’s being offered, with adult tickets starting at £7.50 and kids’ tickets at £5.25.


Even More Of What You Can Expect From Your Day Trips To Newcastle


The surfing machine FlowRider is the only one of its kind in the area, and it simulates the sensation of board surfing in an environment that is completely safe. Adventure seekers who don’t want quite all the adventure and risk of actual surfing can experience something as close as possible to the real thing in session that can last up to an hour and that can accommodate up to eight riders at once. You will need to pre-book your session and you do have to meet the minimum height requirements to ride, which makes this better for a group that doesn’t have little kids in it and is well prepared for the experience ahead of time.

The Archery Experience

Archery has gained incredible popularity over the last few years, thanks to a number of movies and video games featuring the activity at the forefront. Archery at Beamish Wild is located in Durham, just 15 kilometres from Newcastle, meaning a trip to both cities can be made in a single day trip. This archery experience includes training and target practice. For those who get through the training, there are regular archery games held with prizes for the contestants.

Why Choose Go by Coach?

You may have other coach hire options, but for day trips to Newcastle, no one will treat you better or give you more competitive prices for modern, sophisticated coach travel. We aim to please with a wide selection of buses to pick from, each one fitted with all the latest conveniences.

No matter where you are coming from or where in or around Newcastle you are looking to go, we can provide the kind of peerless service that you will want to keep coming back for. We can pick you up wherever you are and take you to your destination. Just tell us where you want to go and when you want to be there and we will ensure that you get there on time.

We can even help you with your day trip plans. If you aren’t sure where you want to go or what additional stops you want to take, then let us help. We provide service to people who travel all over the region, and we have some great ideas for travel destinations just from transporting customers around so often. Our drivers know the best routes and are aware of the traffic patterns, so they can avoid some of the worst traffic and save you time to get more from your day trip to Newcastle.

We provide service to Newcastle, but we can travel to areas nearby for pickup and transport to and from Newcastle. Just ask us if you aren’t sure if we are able to provide service to your area. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and schedule a booking for your next day trip.