Wedding Coach Hire

That special day may require special transport. There’s nothing more elegant and sophisticated than our coach hire. Our buses are fitted with all the latest modern conveniences and comforts, and they have a sleek and stylish design that contributes a level of classiness to any occasion.

Plus, coach hire for weddings is an economical choice. You can fit more people into one of our buses than you could into a limousine, and you will often pay far less. You can hire a single bus as opposed to multiple cars, helping you to keep expenses down and stay within your wedding budget. Weddings are already expensive enough without having to pay unnecessarily for transport. Why not choose the most cost-effective means of transporting your guests without sacrificing comfort or elegance?


The Right Fit for Any Wedding

Not matter what the theme of our wedding or the mood, we can provide the kind of transport that fits occasion. Our buses can be decorated to suit your colour theme or they can be made festive to suit the event. If you are going for a high class, sophisticated look, we can provide that as well. We offer a wide range of transport options, from luxury buses to double-deckers.

We can also pick up and drop off all your guests before and after the wedding, even taking them to the reception and transporting them back home when the last of the festivities are finished. That’s important for older guests who may not be able to drive themselves or for those who have trouble getting their own transport.

There’s no wedding venue we cannot accommodate and no theme that’s too out there for our talented team to handle. We work to serve our customers in any way we can, so no matter what you need from your transport service, let us know and we will work to provide it for you. Contact us about any details you would like to have worked out, and we will try to accommodate you.

No matter what size your wedding is- whether it is a small, private wedding or a big, gala affair- we have the right coach hire for the job. Our range of vehicles can fit the occasion perfectly, and we can even provide a fleet of vehicles to transport every last one of your wedding guests, no matter how many of them there are.

Why Choose Us?

People use our coach hire service because they know they can rely on us to be there on time. That’s important for wedding days, when your wedding party and other gests need to be at the ceremony at the appointed time. By transporting your guests with our service, you can be sure they will be there on time and that they will be well taken care of.

Our drivers are professionally trained and very courteous, and they will be able to get you through and around tough traffic situations to ensure that you reach your destination in a timely manner. They can anticipate problems and ensure that your guests are picked up on time and dropped off when and where they need to be. That takes a lot of the worry and frustration out of the wedding experience, giving you one less thing to be concerned about. It also provides convenience for your guests, letting them enjoy the relaxing ride, while our drivers take them where they need to go.

We have a reputation for friendly service, for going out of our way to please customers and for having a wide selection of quality, luxury coaches for hire.